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How to Appeal Your Property Assessment

If you believe that your property is incorrectly assessed, you should exercise your right to file an appeal with the McHenry County Board of Review. There are specific forms that need to be filed within a specific time frame. Generally, you will need to provide evidence supporting your contention that your assessment is incorrect. The three most common reasons for appeal are:

  1. Market Value (sales of other comparable homes)
  2. Equity (your assessment is higher than other similar properties in the area)
  3. Incorrect property information

For an appeal based on market value, evidence can consist of:

  • A recent appraisal (best if done for appeal purposes, but others, such as for a refinance, can be used).
  • Information from other comparable properties that have recently sold. (comparable homes that have actually sold from real estate agents or other reliable sources).
  • You should list as much information as you can, including sale price, closed date and the amenities in the property.
  • You can use sales in other townships, but they should still be comparable. Some neighborhoods cross township lines but would have similar market values.

The key is to provide evidence using properties that very closely resemble yours, in similar neighborhoods. Imagine if a buyer was looking at your home, what other homes would they consider in a similar neighborhood? It is usually best to use a style of home that is the same as yours (ranch, 2 story, split level, etc.) or same type of property (apartment building; restaurant, etc.). Whatever evidence you submit will be looked at along with any that is submitted by my office.

For an appeal based on equity, evidence would consist of:

  • Complete assessments of same style or model as your property from the same year.
  • As much information as you have regarding the comparable homes.
  • Homes from the same subdivision, if possible, and in McHenry Township. Some neighborhoods cross township lines but could have different assessments due to different criteria.

For an appeal based on incorrect property information:

  • File an appeal with any documentation you have, including photos.
  • An onsite visit will be scheduled to verify information.

Changes in Office Policy

Previously, if you thought your assessment was incorrect, you were allowed to bring your evidence into the assessment office and have it reviewed on the spot.

Everyone will be required to file a formal appeal with the Board of Review.

We have implemented this policy for the following reasons:

  • To make sure that everyone is treated the same way
  • To protect property owners whose appeals may not be able to be reviewed in the 30 day appeal time and guarantee that your appeal is reviewed
  • To give all taxpayers the opportunity to receive the benefits of the complete appeal process
  • To allow time for staff to assist taxpayers with forms and questions
  • To allow sufficient time to respond to the each specific appeal appropriately and consistently
  • To make sure all changes are recorded

Please see Assessor Main page for appeal appointment information

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