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McHenry Township Clerk Dan Aylward

You may turn in your Nominating Papers on December 14-21, 2020 from 8:30am to 4:30pm, with extended hours On december 21, 2020 till 5:00PM for the April 6, 2021 Consolidated election.

In addition to being the Clerk of all township meetings, Dan Aylward is the keeper of all township records. The integrity and accuracy of the Clerk is important in any court action involving the township’s official records. He also administers oaths.

The Clerk provides notice of meetings and the agendas, He is also responsible for placing notices such as advertisement of bids in local newspapers and public places within the township including notices for the McHenry Township Road District. He is present at all bid openings for both the township and the road district.

As ex-officio clerk of the Road District, the township clerk maintains all records for the highway commissioner.

As Town Clerk, Dan is the local election authority and is responsible for accepting petitions concerning local elections and/or referendums.

His duties include accepting and filing the Annual Supervisor’s Report and posting a copy of the statement at the place of the annual township meeting 2 days before the meeting is held. He reads the statement aloud at the annual township meeting.

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McHenry Township Board of Trustees

The McHenry Township Board of Trustees is the governing board elected to direct township policies and manage its affairs. The board is comprised of dedicated Township residents who work to improve the quality of life in their community.

The township board of trustees is the legislative branch of  township government. Each township has four trustees and a supervisor, which comprise the board. The Township Supervisor is the Chairman of the Township Board of Trustees. Each board member is elected at-large within the township and has one vote on all issues before the township board.

The Township Clerk is a non-voting member of the township board of trustees and is required to keep accurate records of all township board meetings and maintain records of the board’s executive sessions. During the town board meetings the clerk records roll call votes.

McHenry Township Board of Trustees
Left to Right: Clerk Dan Alyward, Trustees: Bob Anderson, Mike Rakestraw Supervisor Craig Adams, Trustees Stan Wojewski, Steve Verr.

Trustees’ duties include monthly auditing of bills, budget preparation, adoption of the Road District and Township budget, approval of ordinances and contracts, and policy making for the Township.

A township trustee’s duties are similar to those of city council members in other local governments. They include adopting a budget, setting health and safety ordinances, and overseeing programs and services.

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