Road District

Highway Commissioner James E. Condon P.E.

The McHenry Township Road District provides maintenance and reconstruction of approximately 145 miles of roads and adjacent right-of-way. We are dedicated to provide quality service to all of our residents and pride ourselves in Always Doing More For Less through procurement of grants, Intergovernmental Agreements, Motor Fuel Tax funds and our paving programs.

McHenry Township Highway Commissioner James E. Condon P.E.

Road District Info

James E. Condon P.E.
[email protected]

Our Commitment to You

  • Snowplow and apply ice control to all township roads – working under exceedingly harsh conditions at all hours of the day or night 24-hour on call.
  • Place snow fencing in order to prevent the potential hazard of drifting snow.
  • Maintain and repair roads, shoulders and ditches.
  • Maintain and repair more than 2,500 warning and regulatory signs.
  • Install and maintain culverts, guardrails and storm water inlets.
  • Prepare roads prior to paving (sweeping, grinding, butt joints, etc.)
  • Paint stripe all main roads in township.
  • Mow along township right-of-way and maintain shoulder.
  • Remove trash, debris and dead animals from roadsides.
  • Sweep up loose gravel and debris on township roads.
  • Provide all street lighting on township roads.
  • Issue permits for overweight and oversize vehicles through Oxcart.
  • Issue permits to utility companies doing work in our right-of-way. Inspect work to sure it meets specifications.
  • Issue permits for culvert installation at new construction sites.
  • Inspect all new subdivision road construction.
  • Maintain and inspect bridges
  • Monitor illicit discharges on storm water outlets throughout the township and report to the EPA. 
  • Help non-dedicated subdivisions bring their roads up to standards.
  •  Distribute Motor Fuel Tax funds to non-dedicated subdivisions.
  • Attend all new proposed subdivision plat review meetings for township.
  • Provide Electronic Waste Recycling April through October.
  • Brush drop-off and when available provide free wood chips.
  • Share the expense and maintain buses for McHenry Township Transportation Program.
  • Provide sandbags, sand and shovels to critical locations throughout the township for use by crews, volunteers and residents.
  • Natural vegetation right-of-way program, implementation and maintenance.
  • Trim trees to maintain the right-of-way and safe sight distances along with trimming prior to road construction.
  • Remove any damaged or fallen trees to assure safe roadway conditions.
  • Cooperate with law enforcement agencies to install warning signs in cases of serious automobile accidents.
  • Clear all post-accident debris – return roadway to safe driving conditions.
  • Repair or replace any damaged signage or guard rails.

We are here to assist you so don't hesitate to call if you have any questions!