Road Paving

2024 Road Paving Projects

  • Amby Lane – Ringwood Rd to cul-de-sac
  • Frontage Road – Ringwood Rd to West St adding V gutters for drainage
  • Meadowhill Court – Meadowhill Lane to cul-de-sac
  • Meadowhill Lane – Ringwood Rd to Broadway Rd
  • Memory Trail – Ringwood Rd to Broadway Rd
  • Riverside Dr – 700’ South of Kama Ave to 273’ North of Scott Ave
  • Lake Street – Ringwood Rd to parking lot
  • Highland Drive – Pleasant View to Broadway Rd
  • Hilltop Drive – Thelen Dr to dead end
  • Thelen Drive – Pleasant View to Ringwood Rd
  • Louella Avenue – John Ave to Hilltop Dr
  • Lucina Avenue – John Ave to Broadway Rd
  • Christine Avenue – Circle Dr to Hilltop Dr
  • Circle Drive – Pleasant View to Hilltop Dr
  • John Avenue – Highland Dr to Circle Dr
  • Burr Avenue – Thelen Dr to Pleasant View
  • Pleasant View – Lake St to Circle Dr

The Project will include ditching and grading and culvert replacement as necessary. Minor vegetation removal where needed. (Location Map for Paving)

2024 Proposed CDBG Road rogram

Reconstruction of  N. Cresthill Avenue from Route 120 to North Avenue. The project will include vegetation removal, ditching and grading, and culvert replacement as needed. (CDBG Paving Map)

McHenry Township Road District paving

Please bear with us during this construction time, keeping in mind that once this is completed we will have a roadway system in the area that will be maintainable for the foreseeable future.

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