Storm Water Management

Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination

McHenry Township Road District inspects our outfalls annually. McHenry Township Road District in cooperation with HR Green have generated a map identifying all known locations of outfalls within the Road District. ( See Attached Map) These inspections are typically completed in the spring. Upon inspecting the outfalls, workers are looking for any signs of illegal waste dumping, sewage, oils, unusual colors and/or odors. If a problem is detected, a water sample is collected and sent for analysis.

Construction Site Runoff Control

McHenry County administers this control measure in our township.  All construction site storm water runoff issues or problems are referred to the county.

Post-Construction Runoff Control

McHenry Township Road District helps control Post-Construction Runoff by performing street sweeping in the spring and fall and on an “as needed basis”.

Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping

McHenry Township Road District helps minimize discharges of pollutants from wash waters by using our in-house wash bay which recycles and contains the wash water.

Our road salt is stored in our salt dome, thus minimizing its exposure to potential runoff.  While we do use road salt to melt ice and snow from the roads during the winter months, we also incorporate the use of a liquid deicer called “super-mix”. The use of super-mix allows us to use less salt while still achieving clear roads. Beginning in 2021 the road district will be using treated salt which will reduce the amount of salt by 25%-30%. Less salt use is environmentally friendly.

All McHenry Township Road District employees attend a training program every year on best management practices for storm water pollution prevention. Our trucks are calibrated before the start of the winter season to prevent the overuse of salt.

McHenry Township Road District employs three state licensed employees to ensure chemicals and fertilizers are stored and used in the most responsible way.